Feel the place

“Hold a memory in your hands. The topography of a place captured in porcelain. A trophy handcrafted with dedication. Unique for any enthusiasts favourite place.”

The concept describes a way how to use a topography, from this world or fictional, to create a unique object. The uses can be e.g. a mug, a vase or a trophy. In this case, Marko Kagioglidis wrapped a topography, showing the Himalaya mountain range, around a conic cylinder. At the seam, where the topography meets itself, he chose to flatten this area and use it as a space for information such as the coordinates or the source map. This area can be used to display any text or graphic. He used 3D printing technology to create an individual and highly detailed positive for the mould, used for the porcelain slip casting process.

Series of twelve mugs:
Mont Blanc Porcelain (slip cast process)

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