An integrated cooling system for head-mounted displays.

Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) are the standard entry point for virtual experiences. In spite of the fact that HMDs are getting lighter and more mobile, have better resolution and wider viewing angles, wearing discomfort of those devices still persists.
HMDs have had adopted facial interfaces, cushioned pads which serves an important role in ergonomics but also a mandatory function in isolation from ambient lighting. Their padding element is designedly the only HMD’s element having a direct contact with the facial skin.
To overcome those limitations, the project’s user-driven development delivers a fully operational integrated air stream system that replaces the standard foam HMD facial interface. The air-cooled padding incorporates an internal air flow system that evenly distributes the air across the facial skin contact area. This solution refrains from culminating heat and moisture around the padding element and facial skin area.

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